For safety reasons, dangerous goods logistics are subject to special specifications and requirements since accidents related to the transport and handling of these items can cause serious problems for the environment and people.

South Logistics provides a dangerous goods logistics service through the human and material resources necessary to carry out a correct transport of this type of goods. Among them are included:

  • Safety Advisors for the operations of loading, unloading and transport of Dangerous Goods.
  • Vehicles and drivers authorized for the transport, loading and unloading depending on the goods.
  • Containers and packaging according to the goods to be transported.
  • Risk labels-pictograms for the identification of the goods.

Our main fields of action are: industrial, food, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, oil, shipbuilding, etc.


A tank container can carry dangerous or non-dangerous goods. In addition, such a container is constructed according to ISO standards, so it has to comply with a variety of regulations, including IMDG, ADR-RID- US DOT among others.
However, there are a variety of types of portable tanks, the most common being T11, which allows the transport of more than a thousand different types of hazardous chemicals in bulk.


Rechargeable or non-rechargeable compressed air packaging, easy to handle, we transport it in units or frames, gases of all types and/or industrial, medical, food, other uses, using all kinds of preventive safety measures both in loading and in transport.


We handle any type of packaging in which you transport your dangerous goods, whether they are reusable or not, always in accordance with the regulations that classify these types of packaging approved for this purpose. We sell you your desired packaging along with your product and we carry out your logistics.


We stock your dangerous goods in our own or participated depots in Algeciras, Antwerp and/or Singapore, until now.

We qualify your goods and give you the correct storage in attention to type of goods, volume and dangerous, we have specialists and safety advisers who advise us at all times on how your goods should be stored before complying with all existing legislation and our own safety measures.


We organize your shipments to any final destination.



We articulate your transport in order to perform in the fastest and most efficient way the operations of transshipment of materials and goods (including containers, pallets or similar items used for cargo consolidation). We use as many vehicles as means of transport needed to transport your goods from their place of origin to their final destination, by means of a single transport contract.


Tell us what hazardous material you need and we will buy it and deliver it to you at the destination. We will adapt the logistics, transport and storage in accordance with existing international standards and your needs.